How to Clean Microwave Oven With Lemon

How to Clean Microwave Oven With Lemon

Looking For How To Clean Microwave Oven With Lemon ? It’s Important To Maintain A Clean Kitchen, And Having A Sparkling Is Key To Achieving That Goal. One Of The Most Effective Yet Natural Ways To Clean Your Oven Is With. This Article Will Provide Simple Instructions On How To Make Use Of This Versatile Fruit For Cleaning Your Microwave Oven Quickly And Effectively. In No Time At All, You’ll Have Your Appliance Looking As Good As New.

What You’ll Need


  • Lemon
  • Baking Soda
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Melamine Sponge

Equipment / Tools

  • Sponge
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Microwaveable Dish
  • Sink Or Large Tub

Generate A Cleaning Solution

First, Squeeze The Juice From One Or Two Lemons Into A Large Bowl Filled With Lukewarm Water. The Acidic Properties Of The Juice Will Help Break Down Dirt And Grime In The Microwave While Providing A Pleasant Scent That Won’t Overpower Your Kitchen When You Turn On The Heating Element. Next, Take A Cloth Or Sponge Dampened With This Mixture And Gently Scrub Away Any Residue That Has Collected In And Around The Interior Walls Of Your Appliance.

Build Steam

First, Cut A Fresh Lemon In Half And Squeeze The Juice Into A Bowl. Then Fill The Bowl With Enough Water So That It Covers All Sides Of The Halves. Place This Bowl Inside The Microwave And Set It On High Heat For Five Minutes Or Until You See Steam Begin To Rise From The Bowl.

Let The Pot Do The Exertion

How To Clean Microwave Oven With Lemon. Cut A Lemon In Half And Squeeze Out Some Of Its Juice Into A Bowl Or Container Large Enough To Fit Inside Your Oven. Place The Lemon Halves In There Too. Next, Fill Up The Bowl With Water And Place It Inside The Microwave On High Heat For About 5 Minutes Until It Starts Boiling.

The Cleaning Solution Must Be Removed

Mix Equal Parts Water And Lemon Juice In A Bowl Or Spray Bottle. Then Take Out Any Racks Or Turntables Inside The Microwave Oven And Set Them Aside. Next, Spray The Interior Walls Of The With The Lemon Solution, Making Sure To Get All Sides Evenly Covered. Allow This Mixture To Sit For Approximately 10 Minutes So That It Can Begin To Break Down Grease And Grime Buildup.

Clear Away The Dirt From Inside The Room

Place The Bowl With The Halves In The Center Of Your Microwave Oven And Turn It On For Around Five Minutes At Maximum Power. This Will Soften Any Residue Or Buildup Inside Your Appliance And Make It Easier To Wipe Away:- Once Done, Carefully Remove The Bowl From The Oven And Leave It Aside To Cool Off Before Proceeding Further.

Clean The Door Using A Rag

Begin By Taking A Rag Or Paper Towel And Dampening It With Warm Water And Dish Soap. Gently Wipe Down The Outside Surface Of The Door. Scrub Any Tough Spots With An Old Toothbrush Or Cotton Swab. You May Need To Use Some Elbow Grease To Get Hard-to-remove Dirt Off The Door. Then Rinse Off The Soapy Residue With Clean Water And Dry With Another Cloth Or Paper Towel.

Clean The Microwave Along With The Turntable

Fill A Microwavable Bowl With Two Cups Of Water And Squeeze In Half A Lemon (or Use A Few Tablespoons Of Store-bought Lemon Juice). Place The Bowl In Your Microwave Oven And Turn It On High For Five Minutes. The Steam Created By This Mixture Will Loosen Any Caked-on Food Particles Inside Making Them Easier To Remove Once You Take Out The Bowl. Other Post:


In conclusion,using lemon to clean your microwave is a great way to keep it looking and running like new. It’s also a safe and easy way to get the job done, without having to use harsh chemicals or scrub brushes. So, next time your oven starts giving you trouble, give this simple method a try and see how it works for you!

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